“MDM”: A "10,000 foot" Overview

mobile-device-management-evolutionI know, I know...

“What the heck is MDM and why is it important?”

Well, let’s start with the important stuff:

MDM Stands for “Mobile Device Management”

  • "MDM" is the industry-standard term for software that allows remote administration of mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers, and Apple TVs
  • Aside from the management aspect inferred from the name, it's also a wonderful tool for device deployment
  • It's a tool designed to remotely manage devices, both on a network or "over the air" (see my post on "Zero-Touch Deployment" for more details)
  • MDM allows you to cover all aspects of device & data security, inventory, and - for some - even allows "employee empowerment" through user "self-service" portals
  • MDM allows you to support institutionally owned devices without invasive steps on personal information
  • It allows business and education organizations alike to quickly and effectively configure and roll-out large quantities of devices in a fraction of the time (We’re talking the difference in hours vs days here)
  • Sync and share files, secure your data, configure your device profiles
  • Support personal devices without invasive actions on personal information
  • Support organizationally-owned devices with complete security and functionality


Mobile Device Management is a great fit for organizations and schools of every size. It allows you to provide the support and management to keep your devices up and running, clearing the way to get back to making positive things happen for your organization.

With MDM, your troops are getting the necessary support and management required to keep their devices up and running, which is one less problem to worry about when it comes to making positive things happen for your organization. You set up your configuration, load it to your devices, and away you go! By the way, you can always update settings, applications, and overall configurations, any time you'd like.

"Ok, great. How do I get that ?.."

While there are a plethora of MDMs out there, we normally suggest Jamf for our all-Apple clients, and even suggest it for clients' Apple devices with mixed IT environments. Jamf was specifically designed, developed, and tailored for the management and deployment of only Apple devices, and is the only MDM company in its class that can stake a claim on being completely Apple-centric. This "best of breed" approach is why we suggest it to our clients, enabling the end user to utilize the full potential of their MacOS and iOS devices.

Now we'll be honest, there are other MDM providers out there that support both Apple and other platforms outside of the Apple ecosystem. In fact, we've worked and partnered with other solutions like VMware AirWatch to help accomodate clients with mixed IT environments who have a need to support Windows/Android and other platforms as well. So whether you're 100% Apple or a mix of devices, our mission is to ensure we offer what makes sense for every client.

Through our years, we've also been able to certify, train, and execute deployments with other providers. (To be honest, some were before we partnered with Jamf). We'd love to tell you more about why it's our favorite; but for the sake of keeping this post short, let's explore this topic with you in a more 1:1 environment. Click the button below, fill out a quick form, and we'll give you a call!

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