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Posted by BFA Technologies, Inc. on Mon,Feb 18, 2019 @ 11:43 AM

It's no secret that Apple has primarily focused its efforts on product development and marketing strategy on the consumer market. iPhones, iPads, and consumer devices in general, definitely have a place within Apple's customer ecosystem, but it's not reason enough to discount the rising level of Apple devices making their way into the corporate world. Many employees bring their personal Apple devices to work, while other organizations have opened their IT doors to the practice of employee choice. The common denominator is that IT needs surrounding the support and management of Apple devices has continued to rise.

2 years ago, Dimensional Research conducted a survey that came back with an astounding 91% of businesses reported having not only iOS devices in use within their It environment, but also just as many points when it came to measuring Mac users as well. Pretty sure you can derive the root cause for the boost in Apple device adoption in corporate IT to user preference. The same survey also added that 72% of employees offered the option, chose Macs compared to the 28% that took PCs. Among the benefits to employee choice, is the 68% of users who said they felt more productive using the device of their choice. The simple facts remain; using a device that you're familiar with, means a lower level of training and adaptation required. Want to gain more workplace productivity? Give 'em a Mac.

Okay so maybe that's slightly biased, but on the same note, let's take a look at other ways you're going to save some serious $'s ( here are the findings to back it up).  What's the next logical step for businesses that have a rising percentage of their workforce using Macs? Simple! You need some systems in place to make sure you can support and manage the devices. In most cases, if you're coming from a traditional windows environment, there's a good chance your in-house IT team's not exactly prepared to do that.  

But really, it's okay, mostly because BFA Technologies, Inc. (or an Apple-based managed services provider) will make sure you're covered. Speaking to our team, it's full of guys that can keep your office's Mac instance up and running. Depending on your level of comfortability, we're comfortable in an as-needed basis, partial management role (Apple-only MSP), managed mobility services (specific towards your mobile devices), or fully outsourced provider (MSP) to our clients. Add in the fact that all of our guys are familiar with Windows as well, and you've got yourself a team ready to take on anything you can throw at us! 

We'll make sure you've got what you need from an IT infrastructure perspective, while also working to proactively make sure that issues that could become major problems, never get the chance to. Through the enrollment, deployment, and management of your organization's Apple devices, we promise a higher level of care and expertise geared towards your Apple users in the office, compared to what your windows-trained provider (whether in-house, or outsourced). Sure, that might have been a shameless plug, but we're also serious about the level of support we can offer. 

Simply put., when your employees get the chance to use the tech they're most comfortable with, you're going to benefit. Whether it's higher productivity, lower support costs, or higher employee satisfaction levels, in the end your business benefits the most. BFA can help you get the very most value out of your Apple devices  in the workplace through expert services and support.

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