Walking through the new Jamf Setup App

With BFA serving as many of our clients's outsourced IT department, the number one tool in our arsenal is definitely the Jamf Pro platform. With a recent offering in the MDM's offering, you can now configure multiple profiles that the end-user can select without the need to reach out to IT.

"Jamf Setup is an iOS app that enables end users to quickly setup and configure a mobile device. You can configure and customize Jamf Setup using Jamf Pro with Managed App Configuration. End users can then select a configuration without having to log in or contact IT, making shared device deployment quick and easy." - Jamf Nation Knowledge Base

With the Jamf Setup app now available through the Apple Business Manager's Volume Purchasing Program, you can now load the Jamf Setup app on your organization's entire fleet of device  (It's a good idea to load the Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset applications in tandem, as you will need the Jamf Reset app once you've finished using the device.) Once opened, the app directs the end-user to select the appropriate profile from a list, and allows them to load the preferences that are specific to the profile. 

make a selection


success in app

Once the end-user has completed their work, they have the ability to reset the device  entirely, allowing other end-users the ability to load and configure their profiles. In short, this allows multiple end-users from different groups the ability to utilize the same device with a customized profile for each. 

For more information on resetting the device using Jamf Reset, see our sister post "Walking through the new Jamf Setup App"

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