Walking through the new Jamf Reset app

The Setup

With the exciting release of the Jamf Setup application, admins of the Jamf Pro management platform are now able to set up specific configurations and profiles for multiple groups to use on a shared mobile device. In short, with Jamf Setup, you can deliver access to anyone in your organization (with a specific profile) on any mobile device enrolled in the program.

For years one of the major drawbacks to utilizing tablets in the educational sector while under Jamf Pro management, was the inability to allow for multiple users on a single device. While Apple did allow for this in School Manager, there were quite a few limiting features to it. With Jamf Setup, you can now offer a completely tailored experience to multiple end-users (or students in this scenario) without the limitations of the previous solution. For more information on Jamf Setup, check out our post on it here: Walking through the new Jamf Setup app.

Hitting The Reset Button

Once the end-user has completed the use of the mobile device, using the Jamf Reset app will ensure that any settings or data are erased, ensuring secure use for the next end-user. 

Jamf Reset is an iOS app that enables users to quickly reset a device to the original factory settings using Jamf Pro. This process simplifies the necessary steps to wipe a device and records a log in Jamf Pro each time a device is wiped.

Similar to the Jamf Setup app, the Jamf Reset app will allow the end-user to bypass having to take a device back to IT, and simply run the app to securely remove any settings or data associated to the profile in current use. Once the app is opened, the user can simply select the option to reset the device, prompting a confirmation that the action will remove the settings and data completely. At this point, once the app has completed running, the device will be ready for use for an additional end-user, as depicted by the pictures below. 

device reset

device reset warning

For more information on the Jamf Reset app, head over to the Jamf Nation Knowledge Base 

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