The Numbers Are In: Employee Choice Is Here To Stay

Employee Choice 2018Today, more than half of enterprise organizations (52 percent) allow employees to choose what type of computer they use at work, while nearly half (49 percent) allow them to choose their mobile devices. When organizations give employees the ability to choose their technology, they consistently choose Apple. Of organizations with choice, 72 percent chose Mac and 28 percent chose Windows. A further 75 percent of respondents indicated they chose an iPhone or iPad, while only 25 percent chose Android. (source: Mac Daily News)

The Employee Choice Movement

As Enterprise organization employee choice programs continue to grow in popularity, there are some trends that truly stand out. For starters, 68 percent of enterprise workers credit their level of productiveness to the machine/device they work on. On top of that, 77 percent say they're more likely to accept and stay on at a company that offers them a choice on the device(s) they use.

(source: Jamf survey on choice programs in the workplace)

Employee Choice

It's defined as the practice of giving employees the freedom to pick their computer and mobile hardware they're most comfortable with. This usually breaks down to a choice between Apple (MacOS /iOS) and PC (Windows/Android) hardware. These programs have proven to become a major influence on employee's overall experience with a 90 percent approval rate. With numbers like that, choice programs are undoubtedly here to stay.


When it comes to productivity, technology choice is king. While enterprise employees stated a variety of benefits to working on their preferred device, 68 percent said technology choice made them more productive. Improved creativity (37 percent) and collaboration (35 percent) came in second and third, and 35 percent of respondents said using their device of choice made them proud of where they work. By giving employees access to the technology they are most familiar with, organizations are able to change the way employees both work and perceive their employer. Regardless of the company, when employees are given the technology they want, employers are rewarded with the best, most productive and appreciative employees.

Summary of Key Survey Findings:

· 90% of employees surveyed whose organizations currently have a choice program believe it should become a standard for all businesses

· 72% of employees who are offered the choice between Mac and PC chose Mac

· 75% of employees who are offered the choice between iOS and Android as their mobile device operating system chose iOS

· 68% claim that the ability to select their device of choice makes them more productive in the workplace

· 74% of enterprise employees would prefer a company-issued device over a personally-owned device because end users prefer to keep their lives separate

· 77% of respondents would choose to stay at a company that offers technology choice or work at a company that offers a similar program

· 86% of respondents in large enterprises (500+ employees) say that choice programs are important to the well-being of an organization


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