Jamf, Inc. acquires NoMAD: Happiness levels on the rise

When it came to positioning the Jamf Pro mobile device management (MDM) platform to enterprise level clients, one potential headache loomed over the horizon in the form of existing Microsoft Active Directory issues. Specifically, when a Mac® was bound to Active Directory, this could result in head scratching and gnashing of teeth. When a password was changed anywhere else other than the local Macintosh client device, things went sideways.

In short, if a password was reset anywhere other than locally for a Mac, the keychain for that Mac would not properly update. This created a severed connection between the Mac and the A.D. to which it was bound, inevitably leading to erasing the keychain (losing saved Mac passwords) and rebinding the Mac to A.D. This major issue posed an insurmountable issue for many organizations who simply didn't have the time to continuously reset and update keychains for each Mac in their environments.

While Apple does offer a solution - Apple Enterprise Connect - it comes at a price of several thousand dollars. For many businesses, this is simply prohibitive.

NoMAD-LogoThankfully, a small business presented a go-between that performed actions between Macs and A.D. that were nothing short of miraculous. Enter NoMAD: a third-party application that provides all of the stability and features of Active Directory to a Mac, without the need to actually bind it to Active Directory. The products host numerous other solutions, which can be found on their site (for now).

As more and more Jamf users began to implement the NoMAD integration into their security workflows, the word got out. Knowing the kind of company Jamf Inc. is - as well as their continued push for customer satisfaction - it comes as no surprise to anyone in the field that they've now acquired NoMAD in what we're all anticipating to be a revamped Jamf Pro featuring an instance of NoMAD bundled into the existing platform.

This is great news for companies and organizations that were previously on the fence about making the jump to Jamf while maintaining Active Directory for their internal systems. This acquisition should now open some previously shut doors and allow more users to implement the best-of-breed management systems for Apple devices (jamf) without the worry for A.D. + Apple headaches down the road.

For more information, you can read the entire release from Jamf on their newly acquired application company, NoMAD


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