BFA Technologies Services

We offer a wide range of on-site and remote computer and mobile device technology services for our clients


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Mobile Computing:   From deployment to syncing to management, BFA Technologies, Inc. can provide in-depth consultation and assistance with all mobile devices and smartphones.  We have achieved the Apple Consultants Network Mobility competency status.  And we have also partner with Mobile Iron, an industry leader for mobile device management (MDM) solutions.


describe the imageSystems Setup and Support:  Integrating new systems into your environment is exciting.  BFA Technologies, Inc. can assist with time-consuming tasks such as data transfers, application installations, software updates, networking and peripheral device setup.


Software SupportSoftware Support:  In order to keep your business moving forward, BFA Technologies, Inc. can provide complete technical support of your Mac OS X and Mac OS X server OS's as well all built-in Macintosh software applications.  We also provide complete support for current Windows OS's as well.


describe the imageHardware Upgrades:  BFA Technologies, Inc. can help you take advantage of your computer systems' maximum potential.  Sometimes systems need more capacity or resource availability.  Our staff can install RAM, Hard Drives, or other components which can help you get the most of of your systems.

Old PC'sWindows to Macintosh Migration:  Apple is moving into the small and medium business (SMB) and enterprise markets in a huge way.  The recent growth numbers versus the rest of the industry is staggering.  BFA Technologies, Inc. can help you by providing many business, technical and even financial reasons for making this decision.


describe the imageMac OS X Server:  Whether your needs are permissions-based file sharing, shared contacts & calendaring, or a centralized host for a high-end applications SQL database, an OS X server-based system can provide an amazingly affordable solution for your company.


Networking cables (cropped)Networking & Security:  One large computer systems company once maintained:  "The network is the computer".  BFA Technologies, Inc. can help ensure that your network infrastructure - both wired and wireless - is stable and secure.



Backup (cropped)Backup & Archival Solutions:   Next to your employees, your data is your most valuable asset.   BFA Technologies, Inc. can create backup strategies and help implement and maintain them to keep your data safe, secure and always available.



describe the imageCloud-based Systems:  From Apple's iCloud to Google apps to hosted Exchange, BFA Technologies, Inc. can help differentiate these and determine which is best for you. 



Remote SupportRemote Support:  Is your business located outside the Atlanta metro area?  Are you traveling on business and need assistance?  Do you need immediate help to move past a critical problem?  BFA Technologies, inc. can provide remote support to address these scenarios.


TrainingTraining & Mentoring:  Employee education is critical in helping to better empower employees and to stay more focused on their tasks at hand.  BFA Technologies, Inc. can provide on-site training sessions or workshops for individuals or employee groups.