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"Mobile Device Management" or MDM is an umbrella term for technologies that allow an administrator to remotely manage mobile devices. MDM is also referred to as over-the-air (OTA) management as communications can be delivered via Wi-Fi or cellular connections. 


Alternative Name for MDM 


“Enterprise Mobility Management" or EMM is a term coined by Gartner and today is often used interchangeably for MDM.  Gartner felt this term was more appropriate as, over time, management of more than just the mobile “device” itself became possible...including application and data management.

Best of Breed


There is no shortage of device management solutions, many of which claim to support every available computer and mobile platform and OS. But this can raise concerns about the provider's focus, application development resources, support resources, adoption time of vendors' new capabilities & ability to execute just to name a few. 


Bottom line: How "expert" can any multi-vendor solution be on any given vendor's products?  


BFA Technologies, Inc. strongly believes in a "Best of Breed" philosophy. We have are partnered with the only device management company who is 100% solely focused on Apple:  Jamf Inc.


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BFA Technologies, Inc. is closely partnered with the only device management company who is dedicated to "helping organizations succeed with Apple":  Jamf, Inc. BFA is both a Jamf Inc. authorized reseller as well as an authorized Jamf Inc. integrator partner. As an integrator partner, BFA has (2) Sr. Consultants who travel the U.S. providing Jamf's clients with on-site training on Jamf Pro through a Jamf Inc. offering called a JumpStart.


Jamf , Inc. provides two products:  Jamf Pro and Jamf Now  


Jamf Pro, formerly known as "The Casper Suite", is the original, fully featured device management solution from Jamf Inc.  This powerful device management tool is intended for large business, enterprise and school systems.


Jamf Now is a more recent product offering targeted at small to medium businesses.  Jamf Now was built with the following design criteria in mind:  Easy-to-use interface to allow for non-IT administration at a more affordable and non-contract price.











BFA Sr. Consultant Brian Mortensen on Jamf Inc. & Jamf JumpStarts

Jamf Now is the MDM of choice for small businesses who use  Apple® iOS and Mac OS devices. With Jamf Pro as its more powerful older brother, Jamf Now offers a monthly, non-contract solution at a more affordable price with the ease of use to allow for administration by non-IT individuals.


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Need maximum device management capabilities?  Created in 2002, Jamf Pro is an industry-leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that enables businesses, enterprises & school systems to deliver the most powerful and complete endpoint management for all iPad®, iPhone® and Mac devices 


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What is a Jamf JumpStart?


Jamf inc. enjoys a very high customer satisfaction rate.  This is achieved in part by a required, on-site or remote Jamf "JumpStart" personal training and implementation engagement with every initial purchase of Jamf Pro. JumpStarts are delivered by highly trained Jamf "integrators".  BFA has (2) Sr. Consultants certified as Jamf JumpStart integrators...making BFA the only certified Jamf integrator in metro Atlanta and one of only a few Jamf  integrators in Florida.  In only (3) years, BFA has assisted nearly (300) Jamf clients across the U.S. representing over (700) days of largely on-site training.



 Completed BFA Jamf JumpStarts:  Nearly 300 clients...over 700 days





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Multi-Vendor Solutions



As no solution can always be the "best fit" for all scenarios, BFA Technologies, Inc. is also partnered with the Gartner-leading device management company:  AirWatch.  


For some client needs - such as document management and re-visioning - AirWatch offers powerful add-on's to the native API's offered by Apple.  And for organizations with multi-vendor needs who - for whatever reason - feel that a single device management solution is required, AirWatch offers the industry-leading cross-platform device management solution.


BFA Technologies, Inc. has (2) certified AirWatch Sr. Consultants who can assist with the planning, configuration and implementation of your device management needs for your organization.

Device Management: Best Fit


Two Recommended Sizes for Your Organization


 BFA Technologies, Inc. is a partnered authorized reseller of soutions from two industry-leading device management companies:  




But Two Sizes Do Not (Always) Fit All


Even with two industry-leading device management solution partners, BFA has also assisted clients with other device management solutions.  Some examples of clients we've helped include a 'grandfathered' platform from a previous partner, one purchased from a telecom, and others that were - at the time - free.  These served to widen BFA's breadth of experience and increase our overall skill sets in the device management arena.



Other MDM solutions we’ve implemented
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