BFA:  Custom Database Solutions



With the expanding demands for more mobile data, BFA can build custom solutions so that you can take your data with you anytime and access it from anywhere in the world.

Utilizing the Filemaker® Platform, BFA Technologies, Inc. has helped customers more fully realize "mobile" and leave reams of paper in the printer.  Up-to-date sales and product information is a click away on iPads and iPhones. 

Via our Certified Filemaker® developer, we can quickly capture your business needs and enable your business staff to be more efficient and more mobile.




Filemaker is a subsidiary of Apple, Inc.  But that doesn't mean that Filemaker software is limited only to Apple's Mac OS X operating system.  Many clients use Filemaker on Windows PC’s or use Filemaker’s WebDirect technology to access their data through a web browser on just about any device.

Through custom development, Filemaker can be used to link different database systems including MS-SQL®, Oracle® and others to allow data aggregation from current and legacy systems. There is great potential to build bridges between multiple divergent data systems, thereby expanding your ability to data-mine and meld your data.


Challenge:  Are you currently trying to run your business from Excel® spreadsheets?

Solution:  Easily import your Excel data into Filemaker in order to operate your business far more effectively and efficiently by leveraging the power and flexibility of a true relational database.


Challenge:  Do you have lots of incoming data (.csv, .tab, Excel) that needs to be merged and recompiled?

Solution:  Let BFA custom build an automated solution that can merge the data and, if necessary, FTP or email a custom file to other customers or clients.


Challenge:  Are you looking to transform your business by seamlessly managing contacts, assets, invoices, estimates and content?

Solution:  Let BFA help you create a custom solution that gives you the power to control how that data is displayed and leveraged with the Filemaker Platform.