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Bob Garst, Owner:

Apple has been an integral part of Bob's life since his first Mac SE in 1987.  And his over (30) years in the technology industry includes almost (5) years working directly for Apple Computer, Inc. as a Corporate Account Executive from 1989-1993 in Huntsville, AL and Atlanta, GA.

Other previous employers included Tektronix, Sun Microsystems and a large S.E. Oracle partner.  Those opportunities allowed him to better understand the industry and to form a very diverse background.  But due to his passion for all things Apple, regardless of where he was working, Bob was always known as, "The Apple guy".

After (20) years in corporate America, Bob's passion ultimately led to the formation of an Apple-centric on site consultancy in 1992.  As is often stated, "Make your passion your profession"!

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