About BFA Technologies, Inc.

What do we do?

BFA Technologies, Inc. is an Apple authorized, on-site technology consulting company focused on Apple, Inc. related products and technologies.  We are a member of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN).  As ACN members, we hold many certifications for the Macintosh platform and its associated technologies.  

Additionally, BFA Technologies, Inc. has invested heavily into Mobile Solutions.  And therefore we are one of a smaller subgroup of Atlanta area ACN members who has also achieved Apple's Mobility Technical Competency status.

What about Microsoft Windows OS based Systems?

BFA Technologies, Inc. has (4) consultants who have extensive knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Windows based systems.  In fact, three of these were solely focussed on Windows and Windows support before moving into the Apple arena.  

Additionally, our two Sr. Consultants have a long history of working with Windows server-based products.  These would include Windows Server, Exchange and Active Directory technologies.  As Apple Macintosh continues to explode as a business client of choice, the back-end server systems for most businesses remains Microsoft based; and therefore we feel that knowledge of these systems is absolutely essential in fully integrating Macintosh into those environments.  

In addition, we have a Sr. Consultant who is fully versed in a variety of Linux OS systems as well.

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Helping Our Clients: Our #1 Goal

Where are we?

BFA Technologies, Inc. is headquartered on Peachtree Road in Atlanta, GA.  However, as a 21st Century "virtual", on-site technology consultancy, our real workplace is wherever you are.  And wherever you are, we are probably close by. 

Our team members are located in the following areas:

Atlanta GA:  Brookhaven / Buckhead and Virginia Highlands

Decatur GA

Kennesaw GA

Lawrenceville GA

Gainesville GA

What's In a Name?

BFA Technologies, Inc. was formed as a sister company to Bob for Apples, Inc.  BFA Technologies, Inc. borrows the acronym from that sister company in better addressing a focus on business and enterprise technologies.  For more information on consumer related services from Bob for Apples, Inc., please click here or select "Consumer" from the menu.

How long in business?

We are proud to have been in business for 9.5 years.  Bob for Apples, Inc. was formed in Oct. of 2002 and BFA Technologies, Inc. was formed in August of 2009.

Why we do what we do?

Our team members have both a love of technology and a particular passion for Apple.  And we love assisting our clients in both solving their particular business challenges as well as fostering a better user experience.

Why you should partner with BFA?

You have choices; and so do our clients.  There are quite a few excellent Apple consultancies in the Metro Atlanta area; and we feel that BFA Technologies, Inc. is not only among them, but a leader as well.  And we strive to prove that every day.

To help you solve your technology challenges, we have (6) consultants with over 65 years of combined experience in the technology field.  That's what we know.  We then take that knowledge and do our best to deliver it in the most appropriate, personal manner possible in order to build a close business partership.  That's who we are.

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